This is where consumers form opinions and decide to give you a chance to earn their business.
Our web team works continually to improve the website platform, increase performance and take advantage of current website trends to deliver a positive consumer experience.

Right now, more customers are turning to the internet to find what they need rather than visiting a store. If they can’t find you or can’t navigate your website, they might not step into your showroom. To keep you competitive in this digital age, we focus on making your site searchable and customized.

We offer different design elements and programs to create a unique look and better usability for your potential customers. Not only that, we make your site work in the background to help your ranking on Google.

We will build your state-of-the-art website that can be customized to suit your needs.

Online Reputation Management • National Sale Events • Website Hosting • Sale Events • SEO Services


Don’t worry, we can handle the coordination and implementation of each program to create a cohesive marketing and advertising strategy that has been tailored to target the floor covering consumer.

It's All About The Brands

Brand filters on your website can be a way to add clarity to the online browsing experience for your customers. Your website brands pages list the logos of all of the approved suppliers in our full program. We have the capability of adding or deleting specific brands based on the ones you carry in your showroom. Removing brand logos also removes any associated product in the online showroom.

Why does our brand filter option help you? Potential customers who are looking for a specific brand will know that you offer it in your showroom. It also eliminates confusion when customers are browsing your website vs what you offer. One caveat to think about though, especially before removing a highly recognized brand like Shaw, Mohawk, or Armstrong - how many leads will you miss out on to convert to a product on your floor?

We'll work with you to showcase the brands that are important to you!

Customers use search engines to find your website. Sites are indexed for their relevancy to the terms consumers input to search for the information they need. Here are some basic ways to increase your ranking:

Posting optimized content. Search engines LOVE content. And it's not about quantity anymore - it's all about quality. It's better to have fewer pages with highly focused, relevant content than a lot of pages with a few words and a picture. You know your areas of expertise - let's share that with the consumer!

Keep it fresh! Search engines don’t like websites that are stagnant. Update or refocus your content, change promotions - this helps your site rank higher.


Don’t tell your customers about your great work… show them what you can do! Adding a gallery page to your site sells your services easily. Just snap photos of your projects, and let us know what type of flooring or remodeling project you completed. We will take care of the rest. The more specific you are about the brand, specs, and color of the material, the more it helps your customers.

Take a look at some of our members' great work!

Simmons Floor Covering, Denton TX
The Flooring Garage, Sidney NE
Coronado Paint & Decorating, Santa Fe NM
Classic Design Interiors, Lodi CA

Nothing carries more weight than a personal referral! Grow your trust by showing off all the positive words your customers have to say about you! Interested in review widgets? We partner with Podium and Customer Lobby to give you a discounted rate on their services.

But you don’t need to stick with only those programs. If you find another one you want on your site, that’s fine! Send us the embed code they provide, and we’ll see if it works on your website. Check out how these stores use reviews on their sites:

Floorworks & Blinds, Slidell LA
Abbey Carpets Unlimited Design Center, Napa
Towne Pride Interiors, Hampstead MD

If you work with a third-party service or group, it's no issue for us! We can customize or add elements that you want on your site. Our web team receives info for outside blogs, widgets, and custom pages all the time, along with pixels, scripts, and tracking codes. While we can't guarantee that every customization or program will function on your website, we will try to accomplish your request with the best results possible!
Find something you want to try on your site that’s not on this list? No problem - we’ll try to create that look for your website!

See our flooring in YOUR room with our Room Visualizer tool!

In order to save time and efficiently make home design and remodeling decisions, consumers turn to technology to conduct and refine their searches. This information gathering happens well in advance of an actual store visit.

This increases the need to engage consumers and help them navigate product choices and preview available styles and looks while on your website.


Our Room Visualizer enables consumers to preview product choices in a variety of preloaded room scenes. Perhaps they want a more convincing visual. Consumers can upload their own room photo which helps to enhance the shopping experience and display a realistic image of what the room will look like with their new floor.